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By Sarthak Khurana 🔮

February 16, 2022

Introducing 3moji, Upgradeable NFT Avatars

NFTs will Never Be “Same” Again ✨

Introducing 3moji, Upgradeable NFT Avatars cover image

3moji is an upgradable NFT avatar system where you can change the look of your avatar without changing its metadata, thanks to the Meta Blocks protocol.

Start with base layers

Start out by purchasing a base layer, the cost of which is returned in the form of store credit. For example, if you bought a base layer that costs 1 SOL, you’ll get 1 SOL in-store credit which can be used to buy NFT accessories from the 3moji store.

3moji base layers3moji base layers

The base layer has the following immutable attributes:

  • Face Shape
  • Skin Colour
  • Eyes and EyeBrows
  • Ear Shape
  • Nose Shape

Upgrade with accessories

Once you have your base, it’s time to start buying accessories drops and customize your avatar. You can add a type of NFT accessories at once but not two same types of NFT accessories. For example, you could use a cap NFT and a sunglasses NFT together but not two cap NFTs together.

3moji drops can be either first-party accessories or third-party accessories built by different artists, designers, and projects. Anyone can release their accessories on the 3moji marketplace.

3moji accessories3moji accessories

Launch custom accessories

If you’re a designer who’d like to create a drop for 3moji, then check out our guide on ​​Creating accessories for 3moji Avatars.

Once you have a 3moji base layer and an avatar you’d like to add on, all you need to do is send them to the Meta Blocks contract via 3moji UI. Once you send it to the contract, you’ll get back the following NFTs in your wallet:

  1. Receipt for deposited NFTs
  2. A Meta NFT which is the combined version of the deposited NFTs

Both the Meta NFT and the receipt can’t be traded.

The Meta NFT can be used as PFP, and laters as stickers, avatars in supported games/ metaverses, and AR filters.

The receipt NFT can be used to claim the original NFT from the Meta Blocks contract.

✨NFTs will Never Be “Same” Again ✨

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