What is 3moji? 💁‍♀️

  • 3moji is a collection of 1111 base layer NFTs that can be customized with accessory NFTs.
  • We're building a Pokemon Go-like game where you hunt accessories in the real world to upgrade your avatar.
  • Once you've assembled your 3moji, duel with others in battles to win SOL rewards.

Genesis 🌠

1111 3moji heads will be minted in the February 2023.

Each head will have four base attributes: skin, eyes, expression, background, and a booster. We have made over 150 unique skins for these heads.

Your 3moji heads can be used as stickers with a variety of expressions on Discord. At mint, the 3moji sticker bot will be available only on our server, but down the line, it will be available on our partner servers as well.

Hunt 🤳

The hunt begins in March 2023.

Once you’ve minted or purchased a 3moji base head, you can begin hunting for accessories and bodies. Each accessory and body is a separate NFT and can be traded or transferred as such.

When you upgrade your avatar, the original NFTs (base head and upgrade NFTs) are never touched or augmented, such that the meta data is never changed. As a result, your 3moji is two-way upgradeable and let’s you unequip accessories that you no longer want. For more technical info behind upgrade mechanics of 3moji, please refer to Meta Blocks, the parent company and tech behind 3moji.

The rarity of the accessories and bodies you obtain is dependent on the rarity of your base head.

Hunt will take place at real life landmarks via a Pokemon Go like game, in real life events and online events.

Some rarer accessories will be region and/or event locked, which means they can’t be obtained outside of a specific region or event. For example, a katana sword can be only found in Japan while a disco outfit can be found at Cochella.

Please note that accessories and bodies will NEVER be minted! All of them must be obtained by hunting. However, they can be traded on secondary markets.

Battle 🤺

Battles are the last planned phase of the 3moji roadmap, coming in early 2023.

Once you have a body, you can enter the battle simulations in battle rooms for Sol rewards.

Each 3moji body will have five stats: attack, defense, weight, regeneration and speed. Each base head and accessory will have a booster stat, which boosts one of the body’s stat. Thus, you can fine tune your build with accessories that match your style.

Intially, battles will be free to enter and the winner will win a SOL reward. The reward size will fluctuate depending on the volume of battles. Rewards will be funded by artist royalties from secondary sales. Later, you can bet against other players to enter the battle.

Holder Benefits 🤴

Short Term

Once you mint or buy a 3moji base head, the world is your oyster to hunt for new NFTs.

Bodies and accessory NFTs will never be minted! Bodies and accessories can only be found through hunts. Thus, once you have a base head, you have access to seemingly endless new NFTs.

While new NFTs will never be minted, they can be sold on secondary markets. Holders of base heads can hunt for new accessories and sell them on secondary markets for a profit.

Once you’ve hunted or purchased a 3moji body for your base head, you can step into the battle rooms. Initially, battles will be funded by 3moji’s treasury and free to enter, thus being an active attribute based earning mechanism for holders.

Long Term

Your 3moji is your ticket to 3moji DAO.

Depending at the stage at which your bought your NFT (pre-sale or retail), investors will get 50-100% of their investment back in the form of $MBK tokens. It’s a chance for the retail investors to sit on the same table as VC investors, but with a much lower capital requirement. 3moji holders will be exposed to the appreciative profits of MBK tokens in the long term.

Our Backers 💸

3moji is a subsidiary of Meta Blocks, a venture capital funded company backed by Collab + Currency, Definitive Capital, Big Brain Holdings (investment arm of Sol Big Brain) and influential NFT personality Gmoney.

We raised $750,000 in a pre-seed round to build the technology behind upgradeable NFTs.

Meta Blocks, the parent company and tech behind 3moji 🫰

Meta Blocks is an open-source protocol that lets you build composable and upgradeable NFTs without burning or changing the metadata.

The Meta Blocks smart contract leverages an escrow contract where users can deposit NFTs, akin to an inventory in a video game. The user deposits a “base NFT” and an augmentation NFT in the smart contract. The augmentation NFT could be non-tangible NFT, such as a skill in a video game, or something like a helmet or an armor that’s tangible.

Both the base NFT and the augmentation NFT are built on existing NFT standards (currently Metaplex for Solana and later ERC-721 for Ethereum). Hence, they do not need any specialized marketplace for minting or secondary trade.

In return, you receive a non-transferable receipt for the deposited NFTs as well as a composed and upgraded Meta NFT, which is also non-transferable.

The receipt NFTs act as proof of ownership and can be used to withdraw the original NFT from the smart contract. On the other hand, the upgraded Meta NFT can be read and used in P2E games and metaverses. A preview of the upgraded Meta NFT also serves the traditional purpose of PFP.

If you wish to change, upgrade or degrade your NFT, all you have to do is retract the original NFT from the smart contract with the help of your receipt NFT and add a new one! Since all the NFTs are built on existing standards, they can be traded in the secondary market.

The Meta Blocks protocol is open source and ready to integrate with existing and upcoming projects. If you’d like to build on the Meta Blocks, check out our protocol guide and docs here.

Fund Allocations 📊

Venture Capital Fund

The $750,000 raised in our seed round is used to build, maintain and expand the open source technology of Meta Blocks. We have a full time in-house team of Rust developers that build and maintain the technology, as well as a team of business developers that expand and onboard new projects on Meta Blocks.

Mint Proceeds

A part of the mint proceeds will be invested in Meta Blocks, which will grant 3moji holders MBK tokens. MBK tokens appreciate in value when people use the protocol. Hence, 3moji holders will be exposed to the appreciative profits of MBK tokens, making our holders an early investor of Meta Blocks

The remaining mint proceeds will be used to fund and support the 3moji project, which includes the cost of art, marketing, advisory and consulting services, platform fees as well as continuous post mint support for hunt and battle.

Artist Royalties From Secondary Sales:

50% of the artist royalties from secondary sales will be given back to 3moji holders in the form battle rewards. The remaining 50% will be used for maintenance and further research and development.

Initially, all battles will be free to enter and the rewards will be funded by the 3moji treasury.

Eventually, users will be able to bet Sol in battles, thus removing the dependency of battles on royalties and transform it into a self-sustaining model.

The Future 🔮

3moji, powered by Meta Blocks, is a unique approach on NFTs. Unlike normal NFTs, you can continue to build and upgrade your avatar over time.

In order to support our long term vision, we’ll continue to drop new accessories for our users to hunt and upgrade their avatar. Soon, you’ll see NFT accessories for your 3moji from your favourite NFT collections as well as offline brands. Our existing and future partnerships will ensure that your 3moji is always in style. New seasons will introduce new battle modes with higher stakes.

We’ll continue to listen to our community, work on community requests, update our roadmaps and most importantly, never stop building.