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By Shivek 🍀

April 21, 2022

3moji NFTs Can Grow Forever, Unlike Normie NFTs

The secret sauce to 3moji NFT is the meta NFT. This meta NFT allows the owner to augment 3moji at scale.

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3moji NFT Avatars are about expression

Traditional fixed collection NFTs provide a limited utility beyond mint. One of the reasons for this is that NFTs cannot be changed easily. In the last few months, many projects and games have come up with novel ideas to enhance their NFTs.

We are excited to see the direction the industry is taking. But as a company deeply invested in the NFT space, we understand the limitations of NFT avatars. NFTs are not upgradable. Which means that you cannot use it for expressing yourself in the metaverse.

Many projects claim to have a "wardrobe system" or an "upgradable NFT", but in reality, these are hacks that don't scale.

3moji NFTs leverages the Meta Blocks protocol to build a robust avatar eco-system.

Traditional Modes of upgradation

Currently there are 2 main ways in which an NFT can upgrade or compose:

  1. By changing the metadata, which burns the original
  2. Using a "serum", which creates a new NFT

Both methods above have problems.

The first one lead's to loss of predictable value. When you change the metadata, the original NFT is lost. Such metadata changes are also hard to reverse, ie. if you buy an accessory, you can never sell it.

The second one is not a true upgrade. The original NFT stays intact, and a new NFT is generated. This doesn't scale well, if you want to build avatars like 3moji.

3moji avatars upgrade with meta NFTs

Unlike the other modes of upgradation, 3moji uses the Meta Blocks protocol.

It starts with you buying a "base", which is a regular NFT. Then you can buy "accessories" which is a regular NFT too. The upgradation happens by sending the base and the accessories to a smart contract.

3moji avatars upgrade by sending regular NFTs to a smart contract3moji avatars upgrade by sending regular NFTs to a smart contract

This smart contract then mints a "meta NFT" for you, which is a combination of the components (ie base and accessory) deposited in the contract. This meta NFT is your avatar.

You can deposit as many components as you want, and the meta NFT will be augmented accordingly. If you wish to remove a component (accessory), just withdraw it from the contract. You can learn more about how 3moji works here.

3moji's Wardrobe UI

We can add any number of accessories to the avatar (meta NFT). When you add an avatar, the meta NFT metadata and the render is upgraded. This upgrade happens on an off-chain service at the moment, because there is no easy way to process images on-chain. As the Solana eco-system evolves, the rendering mechanism will be moved on-chain.

3moji wardrobe to upgrade avatars3moji wardrobe to upgrade avatars

In the wardrobe UI above, the right top is your avatar meta NFT, ie a combination of all the components.

3moji's Utility and ecosystem

The avatar itself can be used for expression on apps like Discord and Telegram.

3moji avatars as stickers on discord3moji avatars as stickers on discord

This means that influencers, brands and other NFT projects can launch 3moji compatible drops, and become a part of their's users communications. With this utility and support from the community, 3moji can become the standard for web2 world to drop their metaverse accessories.

Influencer's can launch drops on 3mojiInfluencer's can launch drops on 3moji

As you buy accessory NFTs, you avatars and stickers will upgrade automatically.

How can you get your 3moji?

Signup on the waitlist below and follow us on Twitter. We'll notify you when the whitelist opens!

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