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By Sarthak Khurana 🔮

April 18, 2022

How Does 3moji Work?

How to mint your base layer, buy accessories, customize your NFT and use it as stickers

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3moji is a composable and upradeable NFT project. Unlike normal NFT projects where you mint an NFT that's the end of it, the mint is just the beginning of the rabbit hole of upgradeable NFTs.

If you're new to 3moji, the A-to-Z guide of 3moji will get you up to speed about everything from base layers, drops, augmentations, and how you can use your Meta NFTs as stickers on Discord, Telegram, What's App, and other web2 apps.

Mint a Base Layer

3moji NFTs are comprised of multiple layers, like any other NFT. However, unlike normal NFTs with immutable traits, upgradeable NFTs allow you to customize and upgrade your NFT without burning or changing its metadata.

It is important to preserve the original state of an NFT rather than burning or modifying it in order to incentivize a healthy secondary market.

Your base layer is the LAYER 0 of your NFT, on which every other layer is stacked.

There are multiple series of base layers, each with its unique traits and features. However, each base layer has the same shape and performs the same function.

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You can mint a base layer from our website. In the future, base layers will be a commodity NFT and have a large supply. However, if we're all sold out or you'd like to buy a rare base head, then head over to the secondary markets.


In the future, base layers will be a commodity NFT and have a large supply

Purchase an Accessory

Congratulation! Now that you have a base layer, it's time to get to the juicy part and start!

An accessory is a separate NFT that can be independently traded without a 3moji base layer.

An accessory can be either minted in a Drop or bought on the secondary market.

3moji Accessories 3moji Accessories

A Drop is a collection of accessories with varying rarity that's minted in a candy machine. For example, a drop could have supply of 100 and 5 different accessories:

  • Sunglasses x 1 = 1%
  • Hat x 5 = 5%
  • Baseball Cap x 20 = 20%
  • Earrings x 30 = 30%
  • Necklace x 44 = 44%

There are two types of drops that you can mint for your 3moji.

First Party Drops: First Party Drops are built and sold by 3moji.

Third Party Drops: Third Party Drops are built and sold by artists, projects, influencers, and other third parties. The creator is entitled to all of the revenue generated from a third party drop. Each third party drop goes through an in-depth quality check by the 3moji team. So it doesn't matter if you're buying first party drops or third party drops, your avatar will always look fly.

Are you an artist or a project? Now you can launch your accessories on 3moji! Learn More

Augment your Avatar

Once you have a base head and accessories, you can combine multiple NFTs by sending them to a smart contract. The originals are always preserved and can be taken out of the contract. This allows for seamless upgrades and a booming secondary market.

The combination is called a "meta NFT". Since each component of the meta NFT is just a regular NFT, the existing infrastructure for marketplaces, rarity etc can be used.

Every time you deposit an NFT in the smart contract, you'll receive a "receipt NFT" in return. The receipt NFT is proof of ownership for the deposited NFT and can be used to withdraw the NFT from the contract anytime.

Use your avatar as Stickers

Once you have your meta NFT, you can finally start using stickers on Discord, Telegram, What's App, and other web2 apps.

Here's a demo of our Discord bot in action.

3moji Discord Bot in Action 3moji Discord Bot in Action

A mobile keyboard for Android and iOS is on our post-launch roadmap.

Read more about our stickers utility.

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