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By Sarthak Khurana 🔮

April 21, 2022

3moji Drops and Accessories

The bread and wine of composable and upgradeable NFTs

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3moji is a unique NFT collection that evolves with you.

A Drop is a collection of multiple accessories. Each accessory in a drop has its own rarity. Just like NFT drops, 3moji drops are minted in a candy machine.

A Drop is a collection of multiple accessories.

For example, a drop could have a supply of 100 and contain 5 different accessories:

  • Sunglasses x 1 = So its rarity is 1/100 or 1%
  • Hat x 5 = So its rarity is 5/100 or 5%
  • Baseball Cap x 20 = So its rarity is 20/100 or 20%
  • Earrings x 30 = So its rarity is 30/100 or 30%
  • Necklace x 44 = So its rarity is 44/100 or 44%

In traditional NFT terms, each accessory in a drop is a trait. Each trait has its own rarity. When different accessories are combined together with a base layer, a unique NFT sprouts to life.

A Sample 3moji Drop A Sample 3moji Drop

There are two types of drops that you can mint for your 3moji.

First Party Drops: First Party Drops are built and sold by 3moji.

Third Party Drops: Third Party Drops are built and sold by artists, projects, influencers, and other third parties. The creator is entitled to all of the revenue generated from a third party drop. Each third party drop goes through an in-depth quality check by the 3moji team. So it doesn't matter if you're buying first party drops or third party drops, your avatar will always look fly.

As a third party creator, you can also set the mint price of your drop in your project's native SPL token.

Once you've minted, it's time to augment your avatar and start using it as stickers!

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