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By Sarthak Khurana 🔮

March 27, 2023

3moji Hunt Accessory Rankings

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3moji's Hunt is now available! You can explore the real world and hunt for accessories to upgrade your 3moji avatar.

What's 3moji's Hunt?

3moji Hunt is the second part of 3moji's planned roadmap. As an upgradeable NFT, 3moji is not bound by fixed traits. Instead, holders can upgrade their base NFT with accessories such as caps, hairstyles, sunglasses, facial hair, and more.

The hunt is inspired by the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go! 3moji players can go around their locality and map to hunt for accessories hidden away at major landmarks and use them to upgrade their 3moji avatar.

3moji Hunt Tiers

As we mentioned before in our Twitter video, accessories are divided into four tiers:

  • Common (53%)
  • Uncommon (27%)
  • Rare (15%)
  • Legendary (5%)

The rarity of your 3moji is not indicated as part of its traits or visually via a background. However, you can use this indicative guide to determine the rarity of your 3moji accessory.


In the future, as more accessories will be added, they'll be accommodated within the set ranges.

As you may notice, there's an overlapping of stats. This means a high-tier rare accessory might have a higher attack than a low-tier legendary stat. The overlapping was introduced as a factor of luck.

We're also working on a dashboard where you can easily find the rarity tier of your accessory.

The Elusive Luck Stat of 3moji Accessories

Luck is an elusive stat of 3moji accessories that does not adhere to tiers. This means that even the best accessories could have 0 luck and a common accessory could have a high luck stat. It's also entirely possible that some accessories don't have a luck trait at all!

Finding an accessory with high luck is something that boils down to nothing but your luck!

How are accessories distributed?

The distribution of accessories is function of the following:

  • Rarity of your 3moji

  • The number of 3moji heads you own

  • The Ranking of your 3moji Meta NFTs

  • The number of accessory NFTs you own

  • Community Engagement

  • Luck Stats

    Based on the above factors, you'll find more or less legendary accessories.

If you want to increase your chances of finding rarer accessories, all you need to do is buff up the factors that determine the distribution!

How to improve the stats of existing Accessories?

We're currently working on burn mechanics, wherein you can burn the accessories you no longer need in order to buff your other accessories or get a new powerful accessory. More details on the burning system will be shared as we're closer to it's launch.

Looks neat, How can I start hunting?

If you have a 3moji genesis head, you can start hunting by visiting

If you don't have a 3moji head, you can buy one in the secondary market at Magic Eden and start hunting!

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