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By Sarthak Khurana 🔮

October 18, 2022

Now You Can Whitelist Yourself For 3moji's Genesis Mint

Time to End the Whitelist Grind

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Starting today, you can whitelist yourself for the 3moji Genesis mint using our self-serve WL.

How to whitelist yourself for 3moji Genesis Mint?

Step 1: Go to or click on "Get Whitelisted" button on our website.

Step 2: Follow the instructions and click "Next"

Step 3: Connect your Twitter account and press the "click to tweet" button. This will lead you to your Twitter account. Tweet the drafted tweet from your account and copy the tweet URL.

Please do not delete the Tweet once you get the self-wl role as it may lead to revocation of your role.

Step 4: Paste the tweet URL in the indicated section and click on validate. Once the tweet has been successfully validated, click on next.

Step 5: Copythe unique code you got and head over to our Discord.

Step 6: In the lounge channel, type "/whitelist" and hit enter. Now, paste your unique code in the indicated column and hit enter.

Step 7: Enjoy your WL role and chill with the community. 😎

Why did we create a self whitelist system?

3moji is an ambitious take on what NFTs can be, challenging the existing standards of NFTs in terms of tech, utility, and community.

3moji was built by a team of Solana NFT fans that were tired of the whitelist grind meta, only to see projects tank after mint. The application meta, started by y00ts, was an interesting way to challenge the grind. However, in our opinion, it only made the situation worse. Instead of democratizing the routes to obtain whitelists, it further obstructed the eco-system, favoring the top dogs while ignoring the masses that make up the community.

Self Whitelist is our answer to the whitelist conundrum. No one should grind for days to get a whitelist. No one should need thousands of followers to get a whitelist. All you need is genuine appreciation and excitement for what we're building.

We welcome everyone who supports us and our idea of upgradability. Join the 3moji community and get self-whitelisted now.

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