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By Sarthak Khurana 🔮

November 15, 2022

#WALLO: We're ALL One

Introducing 3moji's Eco-System Wide Partnership

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We started 3moji ten months ago. Our vision was to unite the Solana NFT ecosystem with our upgradeable NFTs.

Through months of hard work, countless team calls, many deviations from our original roadmap, and support from our community, we're at the cusp of realizing that vision with unity, the vision of #WALLO.

What is WALLO?

3moji avatars are composable NFT avatars. You can hunt for first and third-party accessories to customize your avatar and boost your chances of winning 3moji battles.

We've partnered up with the holders of OGs, the underdogs, and the most prominent projects in the Solana ecosystem. If you hold an NFT from a partner project, you'll be eligible to mint a free 3moji accessory themed around the project. Honoring the spirit of decentralization, we're not just partnering with projects, but the NFT holders.

For example, if you're a holder of Famous Fox NFT, then you can mint a Famous Fox-themed hat for free!

You can learn more about the hunt and the battles on our roadmap.

What can I do with these accessories?

You'll need a 3moji base head to use these accessory NFTs.

Once you mint a 3moji base head, you can customize your base head with a 3moji accessory that you minted during the #WALLO campaign.

Until then, you can try out your accessories in 3moji's wardrobe.

🔒 Wallets and Security

In order to facilitate the safest minting experience, we've built a system where you don't need to sign any transaction!

We verify the ownership of partner projects via Discord roles. For example, if you own a Famous Fox NFT, you must have a holder role in Famous Fox's Discord server.

Once we verify the ownership, all you have to do is connect your wallet and receive an airdrop.

No transaction flow provides the safest minting experience.

🔮 What's next?

The #WALLO campaign has partnered with hundreds of NFT projects and holders on the web3 Ecosystem.

Solana NFT projects are the beginning. Thanks to our influential VCs and connections beyond Solana, exciting surprises and collaborations are in store for you.

If you're holding an NFT from any prominent project, keep an eye out for a major announcement.

Follow 3moji on Twitter and join our Discord to be the first one to know about all the new updates.

🤝 Partner With Us

If you're an NFT Project, Influencer, fashion brand, or simply a web3 enthusiast, we'd love to work with you!

Join our Discord and create a ticket to talk to the team. Alternatively, you can drop us a DM on Twitter


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