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By Shivek 🍀

July 11, 2022

What is the 3moji Discord Bot ?

And how does it unify the NFT ecosystem ?

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What is 3moji

3moji is an upgradable avatar system. It's built on the Meta Blocks protocol. The protocol provides scalable upgrades. 3moji avatars can grow forever. You start with a base (head) and buy accessories to upgrade your avatar.

Each 3moji comes with multiple expressions, like angry, sad, hungry, crying etc. When you buy a new accessory and compose it with your avatar, all emotions of your avatar are re-rendered with the new accessory.

3moji's utility is expression, just like Bitmoji. In both cases, you start with a base and grow your avatar.

Bitmoji Avatars on Snapchat vs 3moji Avatars on DiscordBitmoji Avatars on Snapchat vs 3moji Avatars on Discord

Currently, 3moji works only with Discord. In future, we plan to launch a mobile keyboard where so the avatars can work across all applications like Telegram and Whatsapp.

What is the union

At the micro level, 3moji unifies multiple NFTs into one. At the macro level it unifies the eco-system. How?

Because a project can launch their line of 3moji accessories. This will help their community (and 3moji) community to express themselves using stickers from the said project.

How sticker bot partnerships work

Any project can launch their line of accessories that adhere to 3moji standards. These accessories are sold as regular NFTs. For example, SMART SEA SOCIETY launched a hat and a mask that resembles their main character:

3moji stickers for Smart Sea Society3moji stickers for Smart Sea Society

Then holders of 3moji base heads can buy the accessories and upgrade their avatars using our wardrobe UI. The original NFTs are not lost. This makes the user able to sell the accessory later.

Upgrading NFTs using the wardrobe UIUpgrading NFTs using the wardrobe UI

After the NFTs are upgraded, the holder can use the /3moji command on Discord, to access their stickers.

`/3moji` command on Discord`/3moji` command on Discord

3moji stickers bot works even without buying NFTs

We understand that not everyone will buy 3moji base heads and accessories. So the bot runs in demo mode by default. This demo mode includes some emotions and default accessories.

A member of the server can start using the bot immediately. If she chooses to buy accessories, and a 3moji base head, the bot will update the stickers to match her wallet.

Sticker Bot helps the project and the community

It's beneficial for the community as an engaged community identifies with the project. And it's beneficial for a brand (or project) because it gets to be a part of the user's daily communications.

What are the future aspects of sticker bot

Discord bot with stickers is a starting point. Our goal is to bring NFTs into daily communications. We aim to achieve this by designing a mobile keyboard with 3moji stickers. This keyboard will allow usage of 3moji stickers on other apps like Telegram and Whatsapp.

How to get one for your own server ?

Are you a brand or an NFT project? Want to launch your own line of accessories on 3moji? Use this form for a bot collab.

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