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By Shivek 🍀

June 1, 2022

Why did we raise capital for an NFT project?

Why did we raise capital for an NFT project? cover image

The NFT markets have matured. The investors and enthusiasts understand the nature of the product. It's not a secret that NFTs sell well and generate treasuries to support the project.

Also getting started is not hard, all you need is a art director and spend time on marketing. This doesn't cost much compared to the profits the project generates.

Then why did we raise additional capital ?

The lifecycle of an NFT project

NFTs start with a hype cycle. Communities are formed on Discord and Twitter. Potential investors vet the team, the utility and the art. If they like the project grind for a whitelist spot, or try their luck at the public mint.

After the mint, the project owners form a stable team, ship the promised utility and continue to serve their community.

Art vs Access vs Apps

Some projects like Aurory offer an immersive digital experiences with NFTs. Let's call such projects as "Apps".

PFP projects like BAYC or's Admit One offer real world incentives to its holders. These can include access to whilte lists, alphas and other information that can be potentially profitable. Such NFTs give you "Access" to insights.

Most NFTs are just about "Art". The value of such NFTs is the aesthetic. Many projects are a mix of "Art" and "Access" type.

3moji is utility first

We wanted to build something that is useful. Something that would fit in your lifestyle. And being huge Snapchat and Bitmoji fans, we set out to liberate stickers from the clutches of web2.

3moji is the face of a new technology

3moji is closet to an "App". We silently built a protocol that can combine NFTs without burning or modifying them. What you see with the avatars is the tip of the ice-berg.

Building such a protocol is a massive endeavour and requires capital and resources. Raising capital enabled us to build a team that can create such a protocol. It also helps us build the community around our idea.

Our vision is to enable every NFT project and game to build on top of our secret sauce, our protocol.

Product as a acquisition channel

Protocol integrations take time. We reduce the time by building the first app (that is 3moji) in house. Instead of selling the protocol (long process), we sell a product (short process).

When the product is established, we the community will organically seek the protocol. When that happens, we'll open source the protocol, and help others to build on it.

The sustainable future

We want to create value for our community, and make NFTs sustainable in the long term. We are looking for people who feel that potential of NFTs is not realised and want to change that.

We will achieve this by helping others integrate our protocol and build rich, immersive apps. This ensures long term sustainability for our community.

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